Candle Builders APP Onboarding Guide

Hello future Candle Builders partner, 

We are WICKed excited that you are interested in our APP.  Our app is FREE and super easy to use! 

Candle Builders is a print-on-demand (POD), drop ship service. We provide the opportunity for you to create, launch, and sell candles without holding inventory, required minimums, or handling fulfillment. There are endless candle products at your fingertips with our customized candle labels. 

We produce high quality, 100% soy blend candles in the US and ship from New England. We have built a manufacturing and fulfillment process that scales at any rate, never disrupting a seller's needs, even during seasonal demands.

We use the safest ingredients and test our products to make sure we deliver the best performing products possible.  We hand label our candles and package each candle with care to protect from breakage during transit..

We ship to the US and Canada currently. 

We have created a step by step onboarding process to help you launch successfully with Candle Builders. Please read all steps carefully and reach out with any questions at all.

We are always here to help. You can reach us at

Lets get started!

Step 1: Add the App to your store

1. Navigate to the Shopify App Store and search for the Candle Builders App. 

2. Once the app has been downloaded, in Shopify navigate to the left navigation bar and click on apps and then Candle Builders. The image below will appear in the center of your screen. This is where you will start the set up process.

Candle Builders APP Candle Customizer

Step 2: Complete Settings

1. Enter Contact Information and Payment settings by clicking the settings link in the left navigation. You will not be able to publish and sell candles until your payment settings are complete. The card used will be billed automatically for orders processed during the preceding 24 hour period.

Candle Builders APP Payment Settings

2. Select Fulfillment timeline. Please select One Hour or 24 Hours.  This time period is when the order will be sent to fulfillment after has been moved from Shopify to Candle Builders. For example, your customer places an order on Friday at 10am. Within an hour, Candle Builders will batch all orders placed via the Candle Builders App on Shopify and move them to the Candle Builders APP. They will be moved to fulfillment processing status within one hour or 24 hours depending on your selection.

Candle Fulfillment
Step 3: Create Candle Products
1. Select start customizing button from the Candle Builders landing page, or select the add products link on the left navigation. 
Candle Builders APP add candle products
2. Select Vessel, Scent, Template (Design); write candle detail and review&publish. To move on from each selection, click the "ok, next step" on the bottom right corner of the page.
Select Candle Vessel
Few notes:
- Vessel: You can only select one vessel at a time during product set up.
- Scent: You can select more than one scent per vessel
- Template: you can select one of our templates to create your art, or you can upload your own design file.
- Details: We provide copy in this area for you, however you can modify or delete and rewrite. Whatever you think is best for your product and brand.
- Details, SKU: Please place what you prefer here as your SKU. We will automatically append our SKU to the end of your SKU. This information is what the team receives to fulfill the orders correctly. Please do not delete our SKU in the review section of the set up.
- Details: At the end of this section, you will be asked to provide the cost of your candle. This is what your customers will pay you.
Step 4: Review, Save or Publish Candles
1. The last step of the process is to review the product you created and either save it or publish it. Once is it published it is visible in your store.
Review or Publish Candles Builders Custom Candle
Saved or Published Candles can be found under "my candles", which can be found in the left navigation of the app.
My Candle Products
Other Important Information

Candle Prices: 7.5 oz Candle prices range from $9.00 to $9.75 dependent on the candle variation. The 13.75 candle is $12.50. These are the prices we charge you. These prices are subject to change due to market conditions. We will always notify you first should prices increase.
Shipping: We ship to US and Canada only.
Shipping Prices: We charge a flat rate for shipping to the US and CA. The 7.5 oz candle is $7 for each candle unit. The 13.75 candle is $8 for each candle unit. These prices are subject to change given market conditions. We will always notify you first should prices increase.
Shipping Set up and Rates: This is done in the Shopify settings admin. If your store is not new, then this is likely already set up. If your store is new, please review the Shopify Shipping help page. To Adjust settings navigate to shopify>settings>shipping and delivery. By default our candles arrive in your store with their weight, therefor using a weight based model works well. However, you can choose to set up your shipping method however you'd prefer, just keep in mind the flat rate we charge you.
Shipping Carrier and Methods:
We ship USPS Ground Advantage and priority. We do not offer express shipping at this time.  Shipping times vary dependent on destinations, however USPS ships between 2-5 business days for domestic orders and 5-9 for Canadian.
Fulfillment Processing Time: We process orders between 1-3 business days. The day we receive the order is considered day zero. During holiday rush, we process between 2-5 business days.
Packaging: We ship single 7.5oz candles in a custom candle box. A single 13.75oz candle is packaged in a gift box and then in a 6x6x6 heavy corrugate box. All multiple candle orders are packaged in heavy corrugate boxes.
Billing: We automatically charge the CC used during set up for the orders processed in the preceding 24 hrs. Should the CC be declined, we will rerun the card on a Thursday of the week we originally tried to bill. All invoices can be found in the app under invoices. This can be found in the left hand navigation.
Packing Slip: We do not offer custom packing slips. There is no price or mention of Candle Builders on the packing slip. 
Returns, Refunds & Replacements:
Sellers should have their own return, replacement policy. etc. We do ask you take into consideration our policies specifically for your candle products. We do not accept returns or offer refunds due to the custom nature of the candle products. We will 100% offer a replacement for lost in transit, defects, or for candles that have arrived broken. Our goal is to make sure that your customer is 100% satisfied and will do what it takes for you and them to make that happen. If your customer contacts you about a candle that never arrived or is broken/defects please contact with the Customer Name and Shipping address and the original order number as well as a picture of the candle if broken/defect and we will get our a replacement within 1-2 business days.