Questions? - Please read below for FAQ's.

What Is Candle Builders?

Candlebuilders is a print on demand, drop ship candle partner for online sellers to design & launch candles without holding inventory.

What products do you offer?

We currently offer 2 candle sizes (7.5 oz and 13.75 oz) in three scents.

What scents do you offer?

Currently we offer Vanilla Bean, Sea Breeze, & Comfort Spice.

What parts of the candle are customizable?

The front of the candle labels are completely customizable.

What are the dimensions & circumference of your candles?

The 7.5 oz dimensions are; 3"(W) x 3 2/8"(H) with lid, 8 7/8" (circumference). The 13.75 oz dimensions are 3"(W) x 5"(H), 9.5"(circumference).

What is the burn time for your candles?

The 13.75 oz candle burn time is 60-80 hrs, while the 7.5 oz is 50-60 hrs.

What type of wax is used for your candles?

We use  Soy blended wax with a cotton wick.

Are your candles non-toxic?

Always! Our candles are non-toxic, paraben and phthalate free.

What is the price for your candles?

13.75 oz candle is $13.00 and the 7.5 oz is $9.00. You can retail them as you wish.

What is the best way to contact Candle Builders?

 You can always reach us at

What e-commerce providers do you integrate with?

We currently have a Shopify App for sellers who have a Shopify store. For other e-commerce providers we have three options to connect.  We partner with 2 print on demand networks. You can sell our candles through Printify where both candles are available and ships WW, or Gooten who has our 7.5 oz candle available in the US.  Lastly, you can connect with us via a technology called Order desk. For more on Order desk, large volume sellers, or for wholesale inquiries please contact us at


Is there a fee to integrate to Candle Builders? 

No. We do not charge a fee. That is the best part, you pay for only what sells to your customers! We are a true on-demand dropship partner with no upfront cost.

Do I need an online store? 

Yes, you need to have an online store to use our app and to sell candles.  

How do I order samples? 

Please order samples from our sample page.  

Do You Offer Custom Packaging? 

At this time we do not offer custom Packaging or custom service.

Are there minimums? 

There is no minimum order. We are a print on demand service. We print what your customers orders; whether it is 1 order/candle or 1000.

What if my customer gets a damaged item?

We will send a replacement immediately, please email us at within 3 business days. Please include an image of the damage. 

Do you include pricing in the shipment? 

No, we do not include pricing in your shipments.

Do you offer discounts or bulk orders? 

Please contact us to

If I sell other products can I sell candles too? 

Of course, lots of stores sell multiple items, from various vendors.  We will only receive your candle item/orders. 

What price should I sell the candles for? 

That is up to you, our costs are displayed so you decide on your retail price. 

What shipping carrier do you use? 

We use USPS and DHL mostly; however our goal is to use the carrier with the best price for shipment.

What are your turnaround times

We typically ship  your order within 48 hours, the time in transit will vary and we have limited control over USPS/DHL but it's typically 3-4 business days in the US. 

What is the shipping cost? 

We charge $7 for the 7.5oz and $8 for the l13.75 oz. It is $5 for each incremental candle in the order.  Print on demand app partners may charge separate rates.

Can you use my shipping account? 

We cannot use third party accounts, if your volume requires a special arrangement we could discuss different ways to handle shipping.

Do you ship internationally? 

We are set up for US/Canada shipping only.  Print on demand partners may have international options.