Shopify Integration

Did you know? Our Shopify App is free & allows you to add candles to your store in minutes. Our app is built to make it as easy as possible for you! The candles labels are 100% customized by you and printed on demand.  We pick, pack and ship while you focus on your business. We offer shipping to the US/Canada. Please review the step by step guide below for guidance in building your candle products. Need help? Email us at

 1.) Add the Candle Builders app to your shopify store






2.) Add contact information & payment settings

  • Click update payment method in yellow box centered on screen

  • Alternatively click setting in the left hand navigation bar.

  • Enter contact information & your payment method. We recommend that this is done first because orders will not ship until a payment method is entered and complete.

  • Finally, after payment method is entered, select how often you'd like orders sent to our fulfillment team after processing (*Note you must still select "Send to fulfillment" manually for your orders for us to receive your order information)

  • REMINDER: We only ship to the US and Canada. International address used for your payment method will not be saved thus not allowing candles to be published.


3.) Add products

  • Click add product via the light blue box in center of screen (First time product creation).

  • Click add product on left hand navigation bar.

  • Alternatively click "start customizing" in deep blue box lower on page.



4.) Select Vessel & Scent

  • Step 1, choosing a vessel. There are two sizes, 13.75oz and 7.5oz.

  • Click on desired vessel. We offer (1) 13.75 candle and (12) 7.5oz. The candle variations are vessel color, lid color and label material. Only one vessel can be selected at a time.

  • Click, Ok, next step, on bottom right of the screen

  • Step 2, selecting a scent. We offer 7 scents total. Not all are available in every vessel. You can select multiple scents for each vessel selection.

Candle Scent Print on Demand


5.) Customize Your Label Design

  • Step 3, customizing label design template.

  • This is where you will enter your text, image to the provided templates or upload your previously created label file.

  • Click on Ok, next step, on bottom right of screen to Step 5, product details.

  • Note: Endless designs are possible. Each new design would require a new product to be created.

Add product, create product

6.) Enter Product Details

  • Step 4 is entering the product details.

  • Enter your product title. This is required.

  • Enter product description - text is provided for you to use or you can completely modify.

  • Enter SKU (This is specific to your product and required, make one up if you don't have a SKU system). We will append data (our SKU) to the end of your SKU, that denotes vessel variation. DO NOT MODIFY SKU AFTER CREATION.

  • Enter your retail price.  Profit calculations will display.

  • Click, Ok, next step, to review all product details, including label rendered on vessel. If incorrect, you can go back by clicking the step you'd like to change via the top navigation bar.

  • Click save as DRAFT or PUBLISH CANDLE located in bottom right corner of page.


7.) Review My Candles

  • Once you've published or saved a draft of your product you will be directed to the My Candles page in the app

  • There are three views. (All, Active, and Drafts).

  • Here you can edit, delete or remove your candle entirely

  • Create additional new products via top right corner of page



Set Your Shipping Rates In your Shopify Settings

In order to accept orders in Shopify you MUST have a shipping rate model setup. If your store is not new than you have probably considered this already. If your store is new please review Shopify's shipping help page here. New stores usually use a weight based, item based, or price based shipping model.

To adjust Shipping in Shopify - Settings>>Shipping and Delivery

By default our candles will arrive in your store with the weight of the candle already, thus a weight based model will work just fine.

Our app is currently available for shipments in the US/Canada and rates are as follows for shipping to both countries:

7.5 oz Candle $7 Flat Rate , $5 Each additional

13.75 oz Candle: $8 Flat Rate, $5 Each additional


  • The cost per candle is indicated in the app when you create the candle. You set the markup based on your profit needs in this same location.

  • We will bill you for the cost of the candle + shipping.

  • You will be billed for each shipment in a batch within 24 hours of the order shipping. 

  • Any questions please email us at